What’s That Smell?

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Odors are a unique part of daily life. Whether it’s pleasant smells or offensive ones, odors can almost instantly take us back to distant memories or make us think of a friend or loved one. However, when offensive odors permeate your home on a regular basis, it’s time to take action. Carpet and paint can absorb various odors over time, leading to a persistent bad smell that lingers in every room of the house. At B & B Exterminating, we provide a unique service designed to remove offensive odors from every part of your home.

Our Odor Removal Program

Odors can accumulate in different parts of the house for a variety of reasons. Odors in the kitchen can be caused by interior paint absorbing smells from foods that you cook over a period of time. If you have a mouse that dies in a specific location, the decaying rodent can cause a stench that lasts for weeks or months. Stale cigarette smoke, even from years ago, is another common cause of lingering odors throughout many homes. Whatever the reason for the offensive odors throughout your home, our odor removal program can remove them effectively.

We provide you with specially designed odor bags that you will place near the area where you smell the odors coming from. Odor bags do not have to come in contact with whatever is producing the offensive odor in order to work. Therefore, if a dead rodent is inside the wall, the odor bag will still eliminate the smell.

How Do Our Odor Bags Work?

Our odor bags are specifically designed with unique ingredients designed to absorb and trap offensive odors. Simply place the odor bag near the area giving off the offensive odor. Within just 24 hours, the odor bag will completely absorb the smell. Our odor bags are made entirely of natural minerals. Since there are no dangerous chemicals involved, they are completely safe for use around children and pets.

Room deodorizing sprays simply mask the odor but do not remove it. Since our odor bags serve to completely absorb the odor, they treat the source of the problem rather than the symptom. They are biodegradable as well, making them both safe for you and for the planet.

Odor bags provided by B & B Exterminating can eliminate common household odors such as the following:

  • Skunk smells
  • Dead rodents
  • Kitty litter box odors
  • Diaper pails
  • Chemical odors from new carpeting
  • Bathroom odors
  • Cigarette or cigar smoke
  • Musty basement odors
  • Odors associated with nursing homes or hospitals
  • Car and RV odors

Our sense of smell is a vital one. It can provide us with pleasant feelings when we smell the delightful fragrance of a floral bouquet, for example. However, lingering offensive odors in the home can be a source of frustration. Don’t suffer from bad smells permeating your home. Contact B & B Exterminating for more details on our odor removal program right away.