Where Did My Rat Infestation Come From?

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Trust us, at B&B Exterminating, we dislike rats around our homes as much as you do. The sad truth is, that with the mild climates in our mid-Florida and Georgia service areas, the environment that we live in is the perfect breeding ground for all types of rodents.

Our knowledgeable technicians can not only protect your home, but they can also help you know what to look out for and when you need to call us back for a repeat treatment. Remember, we not only specialize in pest prevention, but we can also help you keep your lawn and garden areas spotless. Not only will this beautify your home, but it also does a lot of the work in preventing pests from entering your home by eliminating vegetation debris, which is a prime attractant to rodents.

Read on to find out why rats and rodents are attracted to your home, how they gain entry, and what you can do along with a professional maintenance plan to help prevent it from happening.

Why Rats Come Inside

The long and the short of it is that rats come inside your home for the same reason you do. It’s warm, dry and there are plenty of places to find a snack and water. Until you find yourself facing a rat infestation, it’s often hard to truly realize how attractive and convenient our homes are.

The primary myth to debunk is that only dirty homes get rats. That’s simply not true. Rats aren’t very large, and the smallest crumbs can sustain them. When added to the fact that rats are also known to eat insects found in our environment, it’s clear that all you really need to attract a rat is space. In fact, in times of lean opportunity, rats have been observed eating bark and other woody plant material.

Rats seek shelter, and in part due to their small size, they often go unnoticed when the colony is small. Issues arise when the rats decide that they really have stumbled across the five-star version of rat life and decide to raise their families within your home.

When this occurs, it can be a matter of months before you find yourself with a large problem. Rats typically have six to 10 babies per litter. With a gestation period of only about three weeks, an adult female rat can have several litters a year.

Inside your home, rats can wreak havoc. Not only can they transmit disease to members of your family, but they can cause extensive pipe, drywall, insulation and wiring damage as they burrow and make nests.

Yard Debris, Weeds and Exterior Home Issues

To help prevent rats from being attracted to your yard, it’s vital that all yard waste be removed and disposed of properly. Decaying vegetation not only smells tasty, but it also supplies a source of warmth for rodents. Routinely inspect the exterior of your home for viable entry points and ensure they remain sealed. Common areas include gutters, drain spouts, louver covers, roof eaves and gaps or loose siding.

If you spot common signs of rodents in your home, contact B&B Exterminating. If you have no signs of a rodent infestation and want to keep it that way, we have routine maintenance programs that will help you rest easy knowing that your home has the best protection possible.