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Which Pests Are Most Attracted to Halloween Candy?

The arrival of fall means that Halloween is right around the corner. Halloween means decorating your home with spooky spiders, bats, large spiders and webs and all other sorts of creepy crawly things. Halloween should be fun and festive, but what happens when the scary things come into your home looking for candy? Here are the pests that are most attracted to Halloween candy.


Although it may seem like ants will eat anything, they especially love sweet foods. Any spills from sugary drinks or sugary sweets will attract a trail of ants into your kitchen. Other sugary things that will attract them are chocolate and honey. Any sugar-laden candy will attract ants if left out.


These particularly pesky pests will eat just about anything from cardboard, toothpaste, garbage, grease or even hair. However, they are especially attracted to starchy foods, meat, cheese and sweets. So, make sure that all candy is stored in air-tight containers and that all traces of sweets are gone. Cockroaches have a great sense of smell and they love finding crumbs.


Mice enjoy foods that are high in carbohydrates. So rather than going straight for the cheese, as is originally believed, they actually prefer foods like peanut butter, chocolate, nuts and grains. Chocolate is poisonous to these critters, however, and may instantly kill them. Keep all chocolates and candy that contains nuts securely stored, or you may discover some dead mice in your pantry.


This is another pest that will eat just about anything. Much like mice, they like foods that are high in carbohydrates. Chocolate is among one of the foods that attracts them. But unlike mice, rats can eat chocolate without any fear of harm. In fact, some people who own rats as pets will feed them chocolate! Because of this, it is especially important that your Halloween candy is kept out of reach from these rodents.

You shouldn’t wait for Halloween to prevent developing a serious pest problem. Do all that you can to discourage pests by keeping candy properly stored and keeping your home clean of crumbs and spills. If you find that you have a pest problem, don’t hesitate to contact B&B Exterminating today!

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