Why Are Pests Attracted To Moisture?

Pests, like any creatures, are attracted to moisture for a variety of reasons. Moisture is essential for growth and reproduction, so pests such as roaches and mice will seek it out to ensure their survival. 

They also need moisture to properly digest food, which is why you might see rodents chewing on wires if they lack regular access to water. 

Some insects also use dampness as a way of attracting mates. Certain species of termites release pheromones that increase in concentration when they’re exposed to humidity. 

Here are five reasons why pests are attracted to moisture.

1. They Need It To Survive.

Pests need water just like we do. Without it, they will die much faster than we can! This is one reason why pests are attracted to moisture in your home or yard.

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2. They Are Looking for a Dark Place To Nest.

Most of the time pests are looking for a quiet place to call home so they aren’t bothered when they are resting or storing food. They find moisture behind walls or in damp corners perfect places for them to live when there isn’t any available outside your house.

3. Moisture Helps Them Stay Cool and Hidden From Predators.

Predators such as birds, rodents and humans would love nothing more than to get rid of these little hungry nuisances once and for all. Pests also look for moisture because it keeps them cool and hidden.

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4. Moisture Provides an Easy Way To Access Food.

Pests use their senses of smell, touch and taste to find food sources. Food is mostly found in homes near water or moisture–so pests can feed on whatever they find so they don’t have to travel as far. Cleaning up your house will get rid of these pests, but you should also consider cleaning away any excess moisture since this is what attracts them in.

5. They Can Sense the Presence of Water From Far Away.

Especially if there is a lack of other moisture around them, pests can sense the presence of water from far away. 

Different pests have different ways of sensing where moisture is located, but one thing that all bug pests share? Their ability to pick up on the presence of another nearby pest or source of food using very small sensory organs called “sensilla.” These help them to locate water and moisture in areas that they may not be able to physically see or sense.  

These tiny hairs also pick up certain chemicals, vibrations and air movement allowing insects to properly navigate their environment. This includes sensing the presence of nearby food sources, too.
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