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Why Your Home Attracts Pests

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As the weather warms up, more and more people are leaving the comforts of their home to be out in nature, making it the perfect time for pests to sneak into your home.

Historically, people blame a lack of cleanliness as the main cause of pest attraction. Where dirt itself is not the enticing factor that invites pests into your home, having a generally unclean living space can include other attractions, like these:


Ants and other pests love to pick up on little crumbs you may leave behind. They are attracted to sticky and sweet food, as well as greasy food. Some pests are attracted to corpses of other pests. Stink Bugs leave a disturbing odor when they die that can attract bigger pest, like rodents.

To prevent your food from attracting unwanted dinner guests, store all items in airtight containers. Besides organizing your kitchen into airtight containers, disposing of any decomposing food can also help decrease pests.


Areas that are high in moisture and clutter make ideal living situations for cockroaches and rodents. The hotter the area, the more likely flies will try to come looking for food indoors. For rats, they prefer the warm, dry atmosphere and free snacks.

Piles of paper like old newspapers or unwanted mail can attract silverfish and cockroaches to your home. Just like food, it is best to keep them in sealed plastic containers to avoid an infestation. Besides organization in the home, outside organization can also help. Rats are also attracted to yard waste that smells tasty, so by keeping your yard clear, you can keep your house clear.


Many pests, like ants, depend heavily on moisture to both quench their thirst and collect for their colonies. This can be found in plumbing, leaky roofs, condensation or bathrooms. An air conditioner that leaks even a little bit of water can attract wasps, and wet wood attracts termites. Gutters that hold water and dirt can be perfect nests for mosquitos, and dripping faucets are sought after from rodents.


Some plants have nutrition that ants can harvest honeydew and water from, and the potting soil can act as the perfect nest. The best way to keep this from happening is constant surveillance.


Although it is nice to see birds flying around bird houses in the yard, birdseed is irresistible to a plethora of pests. They are a hotspot for birds, squirrels, moths and other insects. Much like houseplants, the only real way to decrease the possibility of an infestation is to constantly watch out for them and try to keep big bags of birdseed in sealed containers.

There are always steps to take to help protect your home from pest infestations. The most effective way is to have regular treatments with professionals. To start protecting your house, contact B & B Exterminating today.