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Will Killing a Stink Bug Attract More?

When someone sees a bug inside their home or at the office, their first instinct is usually to kill it. Most of the time, this is a simple and correct response when spotting a bug. However, is it always the right thing to do? Morals aside, some bugs will attract more of their kind after they are killed. The stink bug is often associated with that trait, but should they be? Does killing a stink bug attract more to the area?

No, It Does Not

The simple answer to the previous question is no, killing one does not attract more. Per the National Pesticide Information Center, that myth is false. There is an odor left behind after they are dead. However, it is not a scent that draws additional stink bugs in. The leftover odor is not exactly pleasant though, so consider disposing of them with a method that does not involve smashing them. This could include drowning the bugs in a container of soapy water, vacuuming them, and an array of other tactics.

They Can Still Attract More

While the notion that killing a stink bug will attract more is false, that doesn’t mean those critters can’t draw in more to the area. Once the fall months hit, stink bugs begin to prepare for winter hibernation. They flock to warm areas with sources of light to settle down. Once they find a controlled and secure spot, they excrete a specific odor meant to attract others.

Act Quick

Even though it is not advisable to smash a stink bug when you see it, you still need to act quickly when trying to get rid of them. Stink bugs will also release an odor when they feel threatened by predators. As you can guess, that smell is not a good one either. Regardless of the method, you want to use to dispose of the bugs, make sure it is one that can be done quickly before the bug makes your house reak.

B And B Exterminating

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