B&B Exterminating is proud to offer a variety of pest control services to our customer base, and we have considerable expertise in the area of carpenter ant control. Adequate carpenter ant control requires innovation and the professional application of all pest-control products. This is the best method to ensure that the products are used correctly to achieve the desired result.

Recognizing Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants have characteristics that are similar to other types of ants, yet their behavior is relatively unique. They are attracted to wood for nest-building activities, and they can cause as much damage as termites in many cases. They also tend to build satellite colonies, so it is not enough to destroy the nest that is visible. If other ant colonies are allowed to remain, the problem may return in a short amount of time. 

Treating for Carpenter Ants 

Carpenter ants form colonies, and worker ants are often the first sighted. To successfully treat these ants requires professionals, so individuals can contact B&B Exterminating whenever carpenter ants are spotted. If they are allowed to remain on the premises, the ants could cause severe damage to the structure of the building. 

The carpenter ant is capable of building nests within various cracks and crevices. In addition, they are attracted to sources of water, and this may include leaky pipes as well as moist surfaces. Attempting to remove carpenter ants using various pesticides can be frustrating for several reasons. They build their nests inside of the building where the spray may not reach. Contact our Pest Management professionals to eliminate carpenter ants.

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