Elkton Pest Control

Bedbug 5Keeping your home free from pests should be a top priority. Infestations of common insects such as bedbugs and termites can cause damage to the house and discomfort for your family. Rodents are another problem that often disrupts life in Elkton homes. With help from the B&B Exterminating Company, you can identify these pests, eliminate them and take back control of your space.

Banishing Bedbugs in Elkton

Bedbugs might sound like an old-fashioned problem, but this pest is once again becoming a nuisance across the US. Bedbugs can hitch a ride into your home on anything from luggage to antique furniture and take up residence not only in mattresses but also in upholstered furniture and behind wallpaper. Bedbugs don’t spread diseases to humans, but having them around can be an uncomfortable experience. About half of the people who are bitten have a reaction that includes swelling and redness. A professional exterminating company can check every possible place where bedbugs might be hiding and implement methods to eradicate them.

Termite Control in Elkton

Any wood that offers a path from the ground to your house can be an invitation for subterranean termites to come in and make themselves at home. Mature termite colonies may number in the millions and be busy munching away at important structural supports without you even knowing it. Signs of termite infestation include “mud tubes” on interior or exterior surfaces and piles of discarded wings. In addition to putting a lot of space between your wood pile and your house, scheduling regular inspections is a smart way to prevent a termite takeover.

Elkton Rodent Elimination

There are thousands of different types of rodents, and you don’t want any of them taking up residence in your Elkton home. Rodents may carry a variety of diseases that can be transmitted to humans by rodent bites, bites from insects that have had contact with rodents and inhaling fumes from rodent droppings. These pests may also cause damage in the form of chewed wires and soiled food. If you notice evidence of rodents such as chewed containers in the kitchen or holes in the walls, it’s time to call an exterminator to get rid of the problem and to help clean up any debris that’s left behind.

Affordable Elkton Pest Control Services

Living with pests is dirty, uncomfortable and inconvenient. Don’t let these common home invaders threaten your health and safety. If you find bedbugs in the mattress, termites in the walls or rodents in the kitchen, call the B&B Exterminating Company. Our professional staff can assess the situation and give you a free quote on quality pest control services to banish unwanted “guests” from your home once and for all.