Elkton sits at the eastern part of Florida, and it’s just south of Jackson. The climate in this area is humid and hot, and it has an average annual temperature of around 68 degrees. This part of Florida often has pleasant weather, but pest problems are likely to occur during the hottest months of the summer. Many insects and pests are attracted to the humidity and the heat in order to lay their nests. They may also migrate south to escape the bitter cold during the winter months. This is the time when businesses and homeowners are the most vulnerable to pest infestations. Our service professionals can detect the presence of pests even when they hide from view.

Residential Pest Control

Homeowners in Florida have to be concerned about the effects of a pest infestation on the health and wellness of family members. There are many small pests that can infiltrate your home by entering through small crevices or openings that aren’t visible. Once inside the home, they might live out their lifespan without being detected, but their carcasses can quickly attract larger, more dangerous pests. For example, rats and mice might feed on the bodies of small carpenter ants, which might seem harmless enough. However, once these larger pests build nests inside of the walls, attic or crawlspaces, your family’s health might be at risk. Rodents can carry and transfer diseases, for example. Our pest control experts can quickly locate their nests and eliminate them from your home.

Commercial Pest Control

There are many kinds of businesses operating in this area of Florida. Hospitals, restaurants, day care centers, banks and other commercial properties can’t afford the damage to your public image that comes with a pest infestation. In addition, you might face legal problems if the pest infestation continues for too long. Some infestations can continue even after the original extermination is done, and this might happen if the nests remain undisturbed. Our team is capable of locating these hidden areas where pests are likely to build their nests. We can create an effective plan for the specific property so that discretion is always assured.

Other pest control solutions include the following:

B&B Extermination

Our service professionals understand how to quickly determine the extent and source of the infestation. We work hard to ensure that your property is protected against insects and disease-carrying pests. We provide customized solutions designed to address your needs without interfering in your daily routine. Ask our service representatives any questions you might have concerning our methods and procedures. Contact us for a free service quote today.

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