Since 1938, B&B Exterminating Company has served Fernandina Beach and the surrounding areas with quality pest control services. We offer both curative and preventative solutions for eliminating and preventing pest infestations of all types. From rodents to termites, our pest management professionals use the newest technologies and tools to eradicate common pests and ensure a happier, healthier home and business for everyone in the Fernandina Beach area.

Effective Home Pest Control in Fernandina Beach

Rodents and termites cause massive structural damage, which can cost thousands of dollars to repair. These pests congregate in colonies and attack multiple locations around your home’s perimeter. Our pest management professionals know how to identify problematic entry points and stop rodents from invading your home. With our preventative maintenance programs, we can also eliminate termite infestations and prevent future colonies from gathering on your property.

Fernandina Beach Pest Control for Businesses

Rodents and other pests can threaten your business if you don’t take care of the situation at the first sign of an infestation. Rats and mice scrounge in kitchen areas and contaminate food items; they also chew through wiring and walls and destroy your property. Wasps build nests near doorways and prevent customers from entering your establishment. With our select pest control programs, you can protect your business from common pests and ensure a successful future. In addition, our customizable billing options make protecting your business easy to afford.

Fernandina Beach Pest Control Treatments

B&B Exterminating Company specializes in treating and preventing rodent, wasp and termite infestations in Fernandina Beach. Rodents do more than cause structural damage; they also spread diseases and threaten your family’s health. Carpenter bees burrow holes in deck railings and wood siding, causing future water damage and unnecessary repair costs. Termites also compromise building structures and can wreak havoc on homes and businesses in a matter of weeks. Our professionals can identify the cause of the problem and take the necessary steps to treat the infestation.

Affordable Fernandina Beach Pest Control

When rodents, wasps and termites infest your home or business, contact B&B Exterminating Company in Fernandina Beach. We offer free, no-obligation quotes on all pest control services. Let our professionals inspect your home or business, diagnose the problem and then create an effective solution for removing the infestation. Every pest requires a different treatment method, so let us determine the cause and take action so that you don’t have to.

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