Considered one of the top 20 family-friendly communities in Florida, Fleming Island has a lot to offer. While the rural feel is a huge draw for residents, there is still a plethora of businesses that service this hidden gem of a Florida suburb. No matter whether you have come for the waterfront views, excellent schools or charming boutique shopping, Fleming Island has the best amenities for both residents and visitors to the sunshine state. Still, the warm weather also encourages unwanted guests like mosquitoes and fleas that can make this paradise less than pleasant and negatively impact homes and businesses in the area.


Anyone who has enjoyed a backyard barbecue or an outdoor bistro in Florida knows how annoying mosquitoes can be. In fact, if your property is infested, it can keep visitors away altogether, so it’s important to get these common pests under control. Also, mosquitoes carry diseases that can be dangerous to both your family and your customers, causing illnesses such as yellow fever, malaria and West Nile virus. Unlike some pests, it can be difficult to find the source of mosquito infestations as larvae are microscopic and you can’t minimize the problem without identifying where these bugs are breeding. This is especially challenging in areas like Fleming Island where there is close proximity to water and temperatures stay mild year-round.

In many cases, it is well worth it to use a trained pest management service to treat for mosquitoes as these professionals will understand how common bugs breed and the best ways to control the population to keep your property safe. In addition, you will want to keep your property free of stagnant and standing water where mosquitoes lay their eggs to maintain a safe space that is free from annoyance.


While the first line of defense against a flea infestation is always prevention, it’s common to find that these tiny bugs have moved into your home or business without your knowledge. Also, if you are seeing adult fleas, it’s certain that there are even more eggs and larvae in the vicinity. Keeping your space clean is the best way to discourage fleas from camping out where you live and work, so don’t neglect this important step in flea management. A simple measure like regularly vacuuming and dusting can significantly cut down flea populations.

In addition, fleas are carried and spread by animals, so treat all your domestic pets and discourage stray animals, mice or wildlife from hanging out by cutting off any outside food and water sources that might draw unwanted visitors. Finally, treat your property, paying special attention to the yard and home. Again, serious flea problems may require professional intervention to ensure that you find and eliminate every source of the problem.

Florida is a great place to live, work and play, and thousands of people enjoy the many positive aspects of living in a paradise like Fleming Island. However, pests can cause serious upset to your lifestyle and also leave you at risk for potentially deadly insect-borne illnesses. At B & B Exterminating, we understand how common pests breed and spread and can help you rid your property of dangerous and annoying insects. Call our qualified specialists today for a free quote on pest management services including mosquito and flea control.

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