The warm and tropical climate of the Fruit Cove, Florida area makes it a favored environment for several common pests. Both bed bugs and termites prefer this type of environment. As a result, infestations of these two common types of pests are frequently found throughout the Fruit Cove area. Termites and bed bugs can cause a great deal of damage and disturb your peace of mind. If you’re experiencing issues with pests, contact a reliable pest control service right away.


Termites are fairly common winged insects that can reside deep within the walls of your home or commercial building. Since they do not always make their presence known right away, termites can do a lot of damage before you realize there is a problem. Additionally, termites reside in large colonies similar to the type that ants live in. This means that a termite infestation can become a huge problem very quickly. It also means that the only way to effectively eradicate termites is to treat and remove the entire colony to ensure they don’t return.

Termites can easily chew through wood, drywall, and other components used in building homes today, creating an extensive amount of damage to the internal structure of your residence. This can result in weakened areas of flooring, ceilings, or walls that can be costly to repair. If you suspect you have termites or notice signs of their existence, you will want to contact an experienced pest control company right away.

Bed Bugs

Known as the hitch hikers of the insect world, bed bugs can be picked up from hotels, college dorms, summer camps, or many other locations. Bed bugs are parasitic insects that like to feed on human blood. The best host is a sleeping one, so bed bugs got their name from the fact that they seek out sleeping areas in order to feed on their prey during their slumber.

While bed bugs don’t spread disease, their bites can leave itchy rashes and other general annoyances. Because they are so tiny, bed bug infestations can be much larger than they appear. Throwing away an infested mattress or the bedding that has been affected is not enough to effectively treat a bed bug infestation. The entire area, including the smallest crevices, will need to be inspected and treated. Bed bugs can accumulate in very small cracks in the floor and wall, as well as tiny crevices in mattresses and bedding materials. They can be hard to kill as well, but an experienced pest control service will have the skills needed to do a thorough job at completely eradicating bed bugs.

Discovering that your home has been affected by termites, bed bugs, or other common pests can be a troubling matter. Not only can these pests cause a lot of damage to your home, but they also disrupt the safety and peace of mind you generally feel concerning your home. At B&B Exterminating, we understand the significance of maintaining a safe and pest free home for yourself and your family. If you are experiencing issues with pests or simply want to prevent future problems, please contact B&B Exterminating for a free quote on our extensive pest control services. We can help you eradicate your pest issues and give you back your peace of mind.

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