Jacksonville Beach, FL Pest Control

old heroWhile the warm and humid climate of Jacksonville Beach, Florida is inviting, it can also result in an increased risk for pests. Rodents and termites are two commonly found pests that affect Jacksonville Beach residents. Both of these types of pests can cause a great deal of damage to homes and other structures. The sooner you recognize and treat a pest issue in your home, the easier it generally is to get control of the problem. If you're dealing with pest issues in your home or office, B&B Exterminating can provide reliable solutions.

Rodent Infestations

Rodents are common pests affecting homes and offices throughout the Jacksonville Beach area. Whether you're affected by mice or rats, finding a rodent infestation can be a troubling experience.

Rodents come into the home to search for reliable sources of food and water, or to find a place to birth a litter of babies. Rodents are attracted to the same foods that we consume as humans, so you're likely to find evidence of their existence around your kitchen or pantry. Rats and mice are capable of chewing through many different components in your home, including electrical wiring and insulation. This can cause damage that can be expensive to correct. Last but not least, rodents are well-known for harboring various diseases that can be passed to humans. Just coming in contact with the fecal droppings or urine they leave behind can potentially expose you to a variety of bacteria and illnesses. If you see any signs of the existence of rodents in your home, it's important to contact a pest control specialist right away.

Termite Infestations

Termites are among the most feared pests that homeowners can be affected by, simply due to the extensive damage they are capable of causing. You may not be aware of a termite infestation for a long period of time, giving these tiny insects a head start on creating massive damage to the internal structure of your home.

Termites reside deep within the walls of your home, and you may not see visible signs of their existence, although sometimes it is possible to see droppings or detached wings left behind. Termites reside in large colonies similar to the type that ants live in. Colonies can be made up of thousands of these damaging insects. In order to effectively treat a termite infestation in your home, the source of the colony has to be located and destroyed. Following this, any damage the termites have caused can be repaired. Termites are capable of chewing through wood, drywall, and many other commonly used materials found throughout homes today. If you feel you have a termite problem or would just like to be sure your walls are clear, it's recommended that you contact a qualified pest control specialist at your earliest convenience.

We understand that having a clean and pest free home is important to you. Your home is your safe place in a rapidly changing world, and you want to provide the best setting for your family's future memories to be made. You don't have to put up with issues caused by rodent or termite infestations. Contact B&B Exterminating today for a free quote on a variety of treatment options that can get your pest problem under control and give you back your peace of mind.