Jacksonville Lawn Care

Lawn and Shrub

Fire AntsMaintaining your lawn and shrubs can be beneficial to the overall health of the area, but it can also provide several important health benefits to owners as well. These areas may need to be maintained throughout the course of the year. This is the best way to control insect infestations and prevent any illnesses from spreading. Our company also provides you with valuable information about the best methods for mowing and watering the lawn. 

Fire Ant Control

Fire ants are a big problem in southern regions where they tend to swarm in large numbers. They can bite people and cause a lot of pain. They can also cause fatalities when they bite someone with a vulnerable immune system, the elderly or the very young. Homeowners often attempt to remove these ants from their property, but the methods they use are often ineffective. In addition, the fire ant colonies can cause significant damage to the land they are infesting. Controlling the spread of colonies is as important as limiting the growth of existing ones. Our professionals are able to quickly detect and eliminate existing colonies before they harm any people or damage the property.

Palm Tree Fertilization

Palm tree fertilization technology has improved dramatically over recent years. Nutrients can now be released slowly into the roots of the tree, and this is the key for long-lasting, healthy palm trees. Palms require specific amounts of different nutrients in order to maintain their unique appearance. This maintenance strategy is also very effective at producing the right number of spikes. Our specialists at B & B Exterminating can provide you with all of the services you need to keep your palm trees in good shape.