Overlooking the northern shore of Lake Geneva in northeastern Florida, Keystone Heights has a humid, subtropical climate that produces mild winters and hot summers. Although living in the Sunshine State has numerous benefits, including great weather, friendly people and a wide assortment of things to see and do, one of the detractors is ants. Once inside your home, they contaminate food, countertops, cabinets, and pantries in search of nutrients. While there are several species inhabiting the area, two of the most aggressive include carpenter and fire ants.

Carpenter Ants

Often mistaken for swarming termites, these insects invade your home through cracks around doors, windows, and holes where utility lines pass through walls or the foundation. Wires, tree limbs and shrubs touching your property can serve as makeshift bridges that provide access to your house.

One of the area’s most common indoor pests, carpenter ants can detect small traces of food by using their keen sense of smell. In addition to sealing cracks and holes, it is essential to fix leaks and eliminate sources of standing water. Once inside your home, carpenter ants locate voids in walls and floors where they can establish a colony. Although carpenter ants first attack wet or damaged wood, they are capable of damaging solid wood with their powerful mandibles as they create tunnels to establish their nest. The insects also gnaw through Styrofoam and fiberglass insulation. If left untreated, a carpenter ant infestation can result in significant damage that will be very expensive to repair. You need an effective long-term pest control solution to deal with this serious year-round issue.

Fire Ants

Residing primarily outside, fire ants can prevent you from enjoying your outdoor living spaces like the lawn and patio. They erect large mounds near trees, stumps, landscaping and structural elements. Fire ants could also short circuit electrical equipment like the outdoor HVAC unit. Like carpenter ants, they can use utility lines that pass through the building as a potential route indoors.

These reddish-brown ants, inhabiting large swaths of the southern United States, are known for their ability to inflict a painful bite. The aggressive ants will swarm and bite people and their pets if their nest is accidentally disturbed. The raised, red welts may develop into white pustules. Intense itching can resolve within a few minutes or last for several days. Individuals who are allergic to the venom may experience life-threatening anaphylactic shock. To regain control of your outdoor living areas and protect the health of your family and pets, you should contact a professional exterminator to handle a fire ant infestation. If proper pest control treatments are not maintained, these resilient ants will quickly infest the area again.

Effective Ant Control Solutions

To enjoy your home, the ants and the queen that typically remains hidden within the colony must be eradicated. Along with providing information on how to prevent ants from entering your property, our trained technicians will develop an effective solution by identifying and targeting the specific ant species causing your problem. You do not have to experience the frustration of ants wreaking havoc inside or outside your property. Contact B&B Exterminating for a free, no-obligation quote on a comprehensive pest control solution.

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