Mold Care in Jacksonville

Excess moisture is the biggest threat to a home’s structure. It compromises the strength of wood, promotes mold and fungi growth and attracts pests. Mold can come from...

  • A leak outside the home or within
  • Condensation from air conditioning
  • Dryer vents that send air into crawl spaces
  • Everyday family activities such as cooking, bathing—even breathing

Our Mold-Care is a spray-on application that is applied to wood by a professionally trained PMP.  The treatment kills existing mold and helps to prevent mold from growing in the future.  Without proper ventilation and insulation, mold and fungi will grow from the moisture that condenses on walls. Our Mold-Care acts as a mold and fungal decay preventative against the damaging effects of water and the conditions that promote insect infestation.  If your having a mold problem give us a call to set up your free evaluation 904-515-4932