Common residential pests on the First Coast include bees, wasps, carpenter ants and termites. An insect infestation can transform your home and yard into a house of horrors. Bees and wasps attack humans when they feel threatened or while defending their nests. The venom can cause serious life-threatening allergic reactions. An African, or killer, bee colony is more aggressive than other bees and can inflict hundreds of painful stings. Because wasps are predators, they are more likely to attack than most bees. Removing nests is difficult and dangerous because the colonies are normally located inside walls or beneath roof overhangs and can contain several thousand insects.

Carpenter Ant Control

Carpenter ants weaken structural elements as they chew through moist or rotten wood to create multiple nesting sites with connecting tunnels for the colony. These wood-boring ants usually establish their colonies inside doors, wall voids and insulation. After they gain access to your home, these nocturnal ants search your property for water and food to supplement their diets. While drywood termites infest structurally sound roof eaves and other architectural features, their dampwood counterparts consume moist wood elements like decks and siding. Termites and carpenter ants cause billions of dollars worth of property damage each year.

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Studies have shown that homeowners often apply the incorrect type and amount of pesticides. Baits and perimeter sprays that eliminate one pest may be ineffective against another. Without a targeted comprehensive pest control program, you increase your risk for property damage as well as life-threatening stings. Our crew has the expertise required to identify and develop a plan to eradicate any insect pest. Contact our office for a free no-obligation quote if you notice signs of an infestation.

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