Ponte Vedra Pest Control

Termites 8 2Family-owned B&B Exterminating Company is celebrating its 77th anniversary of providing quality pest control to the residents and business owners of Ponte Vedra, Florida, and the surrounding areas. Our certified operators are dedicated to utilizing only the latest, safest and best techniques available to eradicate your problem with any pest. The excellent Florida climate is inviting to a large variety of unpleasant creatures that may damage your property and harm your health, and these are just a few that we can eliminate for you.

Ponte Vedra Termite Eradication

Many Florida homes are built of concrete block or brick, but even these aren't safe from termites. A termite colony is very efficient at finding their way into the tiniest of cracks. Once inside your walls, they will begin eating the wood and may damage your property before you are even aware of their presence. We can send a certified state inspector to your home to conduct a careful inspection for termites. If found, we will treat your home with effective products that are guaranteed to eradicate the existing termites and keep others away in the future.

Ponte Vedra Rodent Control

If you find that your box of cereal has a fresh new hole chewed through it or you see any droppings, then you should be concerned that your home has been invaded by the common house mouse or black rat. These rodents carry unhealthy parasites and diseases that can make you sick, and they have even been known to cause house fires when they decide to start chewing on your wiring. We can do an inspection to determine exactly what rodents you are dealing with and work with you on a plan to remove them for good.

Ponte Vedra Ant Elimination

Florida plays host to a variety of unpleasant ants, and we can tackle all of them. Carpenter ants are one of the area's most prevalent varieties, and they are capable of causing as much damage as termites. Because they like to chew up wood in order to make their nests, they can easily get inside your walls and cause costly damage. They can be extremely difficult to detect, and we offer professional detection services for this specific insect. This ensures that we remove the main colony as well as any that are beginning to form and completely remove the ant problem.

Guaranteed Ponte Vedra Pest Control

If you have questions or concerns about any of these or any other pest, then don't hesitate to contact B&B Exterminating Company for a free quote. You could face costly repairs if you wait until you can actually see damage, so allow us to send out a professional and friendly technician right away to assess your situation.