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Professional pest control is performed with fully integrated pest management (IPM) programs. These treatment plans include much more than just applying pesticides to control spiders, earwigs, sow bugs, ants, roaches, and a long list of pests we call occasional invaders. These integrated treatments include thorough inspections to identify conditions around your home that might create harborage, provide food or water, or allow access into your home or office.

Integrated Pest Management

B&B starts with a free inspection and customizes a program to fit your needs.

A typical residential pest control treatment includes removing spider webs around the perimeter of the house or office. Special attention must be paid to windows and doors but the entire perimeter must be checked. Our professionals will have their web removal brush treated with insecticide so that any spider contacted will be eliminated.

  • Once the webs have been removed a residual pesticide formulation will be applied to all the possible pest entry points. These would include windows, doors, vents that extend through the wall, pipes or electric lines that travel through exterior walls, and any other possible access points for pests.
  • Next, a B&B professional will treat mulch beds with a granular insecticide formulation that will slowly release insecticide into the area that breeds most of the occasional invaders homeowners deal with.
  • If we were treating your home or business for rodents, there would be tamper resistant rodent bait stations at the perimeter of the house or the perimeter of the yard or both. These stations must be opened by our professional, cleaned out, and have new bait placed in them. Old, mildewed or chewed up bait will not attract rodents.
  • While the treatments described above are being performed, our professionals are looking for other pest problems such as stinging insects living in or around the structure, wood destroying insects, such as carpenter bees, and wood borers, creating holes in wood or termites building mud tunnels on the foundation.
  • Once the exterior is treated we would move to the inside of your home or office. In discreet locations around the interior, our professionals will place pest monitors. Some of these monitors have pheromone lures in them and some are just sticky surfaces with an attractive scent. These monitors will allow our professionals to be pro-active and treat infestations before they get out of control.
  • The interior of your home or office will be inspected, areas conducive to pest infestations will be identified and if possible eliminated. B&B tries to minimize indoor applications so no more insecticide than is necessary will be applied inside your home.

Our service order will note areas of concern so that we can follow up during future visits. Usually a pest program with a very thorough initial treatment and subsequent quarterly or annual visits works well for residential customers. However, in some situations monthly service may be required to gain control.

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