We know just how much household pests can annoy you and damage your St. Johns County home. Fortunately, our pest management professionals have been taking care of pests throughout the area for the past 75 years.


Unfortunately, the beautiful area that you live in is also home to a significant number of rodents, many of whom are looking to make themselves at home in your house. These pests often scratch up your home or dig under it. Many of them like to settle down in an attic, while others prefer to live in or near a basement. Many chew on electrical wires, which is a clear fire hazard. They can also attract parasites to the areas where they live.

Bed Bugs

If you or a loved one has unintentionally brought home some bed bugs, you already know how annoying these pests are. Although their bites are usually not dangerous, they do become annoyingly itchy and inflamed in most people. Bed bugs usually live in or near beds and other places where people sleep in order to have somebody nearby to feast upon during the night. These pests are especially difficult to eradicate. 


As we all know, mosquitoes absolutely love living in St. Johns County. Although they already bother you whenever you step outside, this annoyance is taken to another level if a number of them have found their way into your home. Not only do they leave behind some nasty bites on both humans and pets, but an increasing number of them are carrying the dangerous West Niles virus. 

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