The town of St. Johns is situated at the northwestern side of the larger county bearing the same name. It’s considered to be a suburb of the city of Jacksonville, FL. The St. Johns River flows through the west side of the town, and this is a pleasant scenic diversion for locals as well as visitors.

However, the presence of a large body of water also attracts a variety of pests into this area. The smallest insects can become a stable source of food for larger critters, wildlife and insects. This can cause serious problems for the homeowners and business owners in the area. Pest infestations can compromise the health of people who come into contact with them, and they also damage the reputation of businesses.

Residential Pest Control

Disease-carrying pests are a perennial problem in the states that experience humid and hot summer months. Rodents are the worst offenders, but there are others as well. In addition, termites are known to infest the homes that experience flooding, and they can cause structural damage to the property. To top off this problem, many pests can remain invisible to the human eye. They can sneak into the home using small cracks or openings that are not easily sealed off. Once inside, they can hide in dark attics, crawlspaces and basement areas. These are places where they can build nests while remaining invisible. Our pest control professionals know where to find them and eliminate them from your home.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial properties face a similar threat from small insects and the larger pests that feed on their carcasses. However, business managers and owners also have to be aware of the additional liability issues that can arise from a pest infestation. The public regards an infested property as a sign of negligence, and this can throw an uncomfortable spotlight onto the enterprise. The best way to deal with this threat is to get a professional pest inspection that will accurately detect any infestations. If there is a problem, we can quickly eliminate it from the hospital, restaurant, bank, government office, store or warehouse.

Our professionals are experienced in detecting and removing many types of pests:

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