Tubes in the wall pest management systems are one of the most efficient forms of pest control. Tubes are installed during construction, with a series of perforated hoses snaked through the studs of the home, to allow Product to penetrate the areas where common pests live.

The hoses link to outdoor treatment ports, so you do not have to have product sprayed in your home!! Plus, all treatments are performed on the outside of the home, so you do not have to worry about being home to receive the “Tubes in the Wall” treatment service!

Our experienced, PMP’s will inject an exact amount of treatment into the tubes on a quarterly basis. The treatment mists into the inside of your walls, eliminating pests where they live! To ensure complete pest protection we will also treat the exterior of your home with a combination of liquid and granular barrier around the home with the most effective treatment methods available.

Top 5 Reasons to have Tubes In The Wall

1. More Effective – Treatment is injected into the walls, where bugs breed, feed and travel.

2. Service cost is less than most conventional service methods and the benefits and advantages make our Pest Tubes system a smarter choice.

3. Eliminate having to wait for the service person to arrive.  The service port is on the outside of your house. You will not even have to be home for the service.

4. Eliminates chemical odors – common with most conventional pest control services.

5. Eliminates chemicals being sprayed (over and over again) in your home.

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